What Uni Has Taught Me


Hey everybody, I apologise that I have been so inactive recently! I’ve been super busy with University work and private commitments. But, I am back–

In todays blog, I will be discussing about my personal experiences at University. I am in my first semester in my second year at the University of Portsmouth- currently studying American Studies.

Before I went to University, I had no idea what to expect. None of my parents or siblings before me went to University, so I was rather nervous moving 150 miles away from home. But, now as I am in my second year- I wouldn’t change this life for the world! Although, I have a sense of ‘freedom’, I do miss living with my family.

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Building a modelling portfolio- without needing to pay


Since studying at University, my interest for the modelling world has developed; I have become intrigued by how photographers capture each precise moment with their camera and make every model beautiful. In todays’ blog, I will be describing how I’ve managed to start my modelling portfolio, without costing a penny!

The cost of hiring a photographer is ridiculous, over the course of the year, I have been approached by many professional photographers offering to work with me… if I paid for their time. As a student, I don’t have the time or money to give, therefore, I needed to find an alternative. Becoming a professional model, is one of the aspirations of mine but it is not my ultimate life goal. Creating a personal portfolio will allow me to build my confidence working with a camera, but ultimately allows me to meet new people with similar interests to me. I am no professional model, so learning how to present yourself infront of a camera is still a learning curb for me.

After shooting with my photography friend Reece Edwards yesterday; I can share some top tips, if you’re also thinking of creating a portfolio:

Keep it natural: 

Its not all about looking glam, most photographers prefer their models with a natural looking face. For my base, I used my medium coverage FitMe foundation, Rimmel London Pressed Powder, then gave my face a little warmth and definition with Lottie London Tan Bronzing Powder and then used Revolution Makeup Strobe Highlighter to finish the look. For brows, I used MUA brow prommade to give my brows a natural fuller look. For eyes, I used NYX baked brown eyeshadow and Loreal Paris Paradise mascara, then used a eyelash curler to give lashes a bit of length and volume.  I finished my makeup look with my Nip&Fab liquid lipstick in the shade Lemonade, this matte mauve nude is perfect for a natural look as it adds a bit of colour to the lips and isn’t too obvious, which is what is wanted.

Back to Basics: 

The theme of my shoot was Portrait Photography, this means that the photographer would be capturing full-length and close-ups of me. After discussing the theme with the photographer, we decided I should dress rather basic, as we were planning shoot in the woods and infront of a loud, vibrant graffiti wall.

I learnt that the surroundings would be bright and colourful and I didn’t want my clothes to wash out the effect, so I opted to wear a basic white top, black jeans and a simple blue denim jacket. I decided to wear a jacket, as I thought I can use the jacket for different looks which would make the shoot more fun and less static.

Some shoots will require you to dress more glamorous, but it all depends on the nature of the shoot. Most photographers will tell you what look they’re after and will give you advice on how to style yourself. If you’re planning to make your own portfolio, I would recommend wearing figure-hugging-hugging but comfy clothes- you need to look confident and wearing an outfit that shows off your best assets, but also makes you feel relaxed is essential. But, always check with your photographer first.

Be Confident:

The most important thing is confidence. You need to stand and look confident, don’t be afraid to come out of your comfort zone. Professional photographers will reassure you and give you guidance on how to stand and look, if you’re unsure. Also, don’t be afraid to speak up…if you don’t feel comfortable doing a particular shoot, tell your photographer!

Enjoy It:

Enjoy it, don’t worry about how the pictures will plan out- a good photographer will allow you to see the images before they’re published. Make the shoot fun, have a giggle, don’t worry about what others may think.

I hope this blog is helpful for anyone who is planning to create a portfolio, I am planning to shoot again very soon and will be writing another blog on that experience.

Happy Sunday,


Kennedy xo

Stephen Kings’ ‘It’ Review


“You’ll float too…”

Its been years since I’ve walked out of the cinema and felt the adrenaline pumping; It is great interpretation of the Stephen King’s malleolus twisted  novel, its outrageously dark in some elements but quiet entertaining in others.

Stephen King’s It has made film history, as it has logged the biggest opening day ever for a horror film in the UK, Brazil, Russia, Holland, Australia and all across Eastern Europe. In Spain, the grosses for the movie were more than double of The Conjuring and Annabelle, meaning it has logged the biggest opening day for Warner Bros. this year. Continue reading “Stephen Kings’ ‘It’ Review”

Urban Decay Naked Heat palette review


In this weeks blog, I have decided to review about my newest component to my makeup collection- the new Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette!

After months of waiting in anticipation, I finally got my hands of this gem and was so excited to create new smoky eye looks.

Please be aware that I am not a professional make-up artist, this blog is simply depicted on my own opinions.

First Impressions:

The packaging of the product is amazing; the sturdy plastic palette makes it light in weight- which differs from the other Naked products. The light weight of the packaging is perfect to travel with and the large mirror inside is a great handbag essential. The set comes with a two-sided brush, the flat and blending brush ends are of a good quality and very fluffy meaning they are soft on the eye lids and saves you travelling with loads of eyeshadow brushes.

I have swabbed the palette onto my wrists ; as you can see (photos above), there are a variety of different warm bronzed copper tones, which are extremely pigmented. Unlike the other Naked palettes, there are more matte warm tones, ranging from burnt coppers to dark shifty bronzes. There are some beautiful sparkly shades which would look great in halo eye look or in the crease.

From the swab test, my favourite shade is He Devil, which is a dark burgundy, brown shade- its so pigmented and would look beautiful as a transition shade.  What I love most about this palette is that there are the range of neutral brown shades; both Ounce and Chaser are perfect to be used as a base colour as they are light and creamy which can easily be built upon.

My Make-up Look:

 I used the shades: “Sauced” and “He Devil”

In this make-up look I decided to create a smoky copper look; I started using the light matte brown Sauced as my base colour, as its great to give your eye some definition. Then to add depth and warmth to my lid, I used He Devil in the corners of my eyes which then blended into my crease with a blending brush.

To add a bit of glimmer to my look, I used Dirty Talk, which is a shimmery burnt orange shade. I applied this shade to my inner corners of my eyes to add a slight highlight to my eye. To add definition, I used He Devil on my waterline which then I blended into my corners of my eye which a brush. To finish the look, I used the lightest shimmery shade Lumbre, and placed that in the centre to create a halo smoky eye.



Here is my finished make up look, as this is only a basic smoky eye, you could add a winged eyeliner and dramatic eyelashes to create a more fierce look. You can also add a dark nude lip to bring the attention to your copper shimmery eyes!

For the price of £39, this palette is worth every penny!

It is so versatile and can be accompanied with other palettes to create other looks. I would definitely recommend this palette to those who love copper shades and smoky eyeshadow looks, the dark matte shades are more pigmented than the other Urban Decay kits.

I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks blog, please be aware that I am not a professional makeup artist and simply sharing this product with you as I am passionate about make-up and beauty. 



Much love,

Kennedy xo


The Play That Goes Wrong


In todays blog, I’ve decided to channel my inner-theatre freak and talk about the topic which is close to my heart- theatre! To those who know me personally, would know that I adore anything with jazz hands, musical numbers and outrageous costumes!

Tonight, I saw Henry Lewis’s comedy drama production- The Play that Goes Wrong, at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury. After watching the play preview the Royal Variety Performance back in 2015, I was eager to watch the show. I was firstly drawn to the impression that the production consisted of a small cast who all participated to the running of the play in some way and also was based on the concept that the show doesn’t actually run smoothly….

This British production first made its debut at the Old Red Lion Theatre in London back in 2012. After entertaining the people of London with its hilarious plot, it began to tour around the UK in 2016. It is rumoured that the production will be showing in Australia in 2018, due to its great success in Broadway.

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Getting Inked


Today, I’ve decided to talk about my personal life, because I believe you need to get to know the real me. Those who follow my social media, would know that I have a tattoo on my left thigh which I have recently got retouched and redesigned. So, in todays blog, I will be talking about my experiences with my tattoo and all those important tips for anyone who is thinking of getting inked.

Top Tips:

If you’re considering of getting a tattoo, there are a few key details you must be aware of:

  • Firstly, you must be 100% set on a particular design, if you’re unsure, don’t get it as in a few years, you’ll may end up regretting it. I designed my tattoo, but it took me months to decide what I wanted and where I wanted it.
  • Secondly, be wary of sizing, some designs require particular sizes to fit better on the skin; don’t be afraid to discuss sizing choice with the tattooist. They’re professionals so any good tattooist will advice what size to have the design, if you’re worried.
  • Also, placement is key- if you don’t want the design to be seen all the time, I’d suggest tattooing on your thigh or back/shoulder first, as they can easily be covered with a blouse or a midi skirt.
  • What job do you have/ job you’re wanting?- tattoos are beautiful works of art, but if you’re like me and working towards a professional career, you may need to rethink what design you want. Some companies dislike visible tattoos as they can be considered as ‘messy’, so, make sure you know what you want before commiting to a tattoo.
  • Think about colours: if you’re wanting to have colour in your design make sure the colours are complementary to each other and won’t wash out the outline.
  • Lastly, tattoos should cost a large chunk of money, decent tattoo parlours would charge around £60-70 per hour (may vary in different UK locations). Depending on size, colour and detailing the price will vary.

My personal experience: 

I got my first tattoo last year in May, after months of consideration I took my first design to a tattoo studio which was recommended by a good friend. Due to this being my very first tattoo, I was extremely nervous. However, I was pleasantly welcomed by the receptionist who guided me through all the different art portfolios by the tattoo artists available at the studio. After discussing my design with various artists, I made a deposit on tattoo date; good studios should ask for a deposit (usually unfundable) to cover the time for the artist to produce a stencil. I waited around two weeks to get my tattoo done; on the day of my tattoo, I bought a spare pair of shorts as my tattto was going on the top of my thigh. I would recommend bringing comfy clothes with you, as it will be less painful if you feel more relaxed. It took the artist around three hours to complete my design. The colours were just as I imagined and I was a very happy customer. It took around two weeks for my design to fully heal, the tattooist will recommend particular creams to use in the healing process which you must follow to reduce stabbing.

A few months past and the colour began to fade, due to enrolling in University in September, I had no time to get the tattoo recolored. Only recently, I managed to have time to get the design retouched and modified. Last week, I took my new design to a studio in Maidstone; after discussing with various artists, I was able to book my design in for the following week. As my original tattoo was in need of some TLC, it would only take the artists a couple of hours, hence why I managed to get a time slot so quickly. I got my tattoo modified yesterday, although, I’ve experienced the pain of the needles before, I felt the second time was more painful! However, I am finally happy with my final piece and so excited to get more in the future.

Like as they say, no pain no gain!

Final result


I hope you enjoyed this blog, feel free to ask questions about tattoos!

Much love,

Kennedy xo

How to achieve the perfect festival look


For this weeks blog, I’ve decided to talk about my one favourite summer make-up styles…Coachella! I love the Coachella festival, not just because of the incredible live music acts- the fashion trends and the overall atmosphere is unbelievable. Unfortunately, I was too poor to go to Palm Springs in April and endure the festival spirit, so, I decided to bring Coachella to Medway…

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Must-have beach essentials! (ALL under £10)


The summer is here; as temperatures in South-East England are rocketing to the high twenties, your wardrobe is in need to a makeover!

I have brought together a few of my new additions to my wardrobe- all items are from the hughstreet store Primark and ALL UNDER £10! I don’t usually shop in Primark but I came across these gems and as my holiday to Rome is fast approaching, I just couldn’t resist… Continue reading “Must-have beach essentials! (ALL under £10)”


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