Building My Portfolio (Part Two)


In todays blog, I am writing the second part of Building My Portfolio, its been a while since I’ve stood in a studio, so I am super excited to be sharing my latest shoot…

In this shoot, I worked with Luke Barter (@aduroe), a photography student at the University of Portsmouth. Before meeting, I was already fascinated by his art form- his experimentation with coloured backdrops, gives his images character. I was excited to work in a studio again as I am more confident standing in front of a camera in a closed room, than trying to merge yourself into an urban environment (plus, don’t have to worry about have wind-swept hair…).

Similarly, to my shoots with Reece Edwards, I bought several pieces of clothing to style different looks and to express my bubbly, loud personality! I wanted to bring a rather edgy style to this shoot so styled myself with a few pieces from Auroras

In particular, I decided to wear their Lina Bardot crop and Hailee Slash Highwaisted Jeans  for an edgy look- which I am obsessed with! I styled these with some cute little ankle boots, which finish off the look perfectly.

Top and jeans from Auroras Use my discount code: KENNEDY30 to get 30% off everything

I also did a sporty look, wearing my favourite gym clothing brand US Pro, not only their clothing are inexpensive they’re super flattering and gives you the best support during a work-out.

I am not a sporting expert, so trying to act like you look sporty, is more challenging than I first expected. After, a few quick fire shots and a breather; I managed to pull off some rather ‘fierce’ looks!

I am super excited to work with Luke again, as I loved how these pictures turned out. With minimal editing- these portfolio shots are just perfect!

Apologies to the short blog, if you want to see more of Luke’s work, then check out his instagram @aduroe.


See you next time.

Much love,

Kennedy xo


PS Nude Lip Kit Review


Girls, let’s go nude!

Nude lipsticks are one of my favourite things about the warmer seasons- they’re the perfect component to your make-up bag and are so versatile!

Matte or Glossy finishes- I am always on the hunt for a new nude lip in these transitional months. After, browsing my local Primark store, I came across their new PS Nude Lip Collection. As a skint student and make-up hoarder, I love finding cheaper dupes and was  impressed by Primark’s newest range. The packaging reminds me of Kylie’s lip-kits, (without the extravagant price tag).

Not only the colours are beautiful, they’re so inexpensive (£3!).


PS Mesmerise: RRP £3 

IMG_1727I decided to choose the shade Mesmerise, which is a glossy peachy-brown shade. The kit comes with a creamy lip liner and pigmented lip-gloss.

I was rather skeptical with the application due to its cheap price tag, but I was pleasantly impressed. The lip-liner was smooth and creamy, making it easy to line the lips. In relation to other similar brands, I prefer the liner from Revoultion make-up as their nude shades are a lot more pigmented. But, that is just a personal preference.

The lip-gloss itself does have a subtle chemical smell, but isn’t overpowering and unnoticebale after you apply. The lip-gloss is pigmented and not heavy; I wore this lip gloss for the day and didn’t have to reapply. Although, there is a small amount of transfer, when eating and drinking it doesn’t loose its glossiness. The lip-gloss doesn’t dry up nor creases, which makes it the perfect lip-stick to wear all-day!



This is the finished look!

I loved the matte-shine finish and compliments the colour of my skin perfectly. I would recommend this product and will be purchasing more in the near future.


Hope you enjoyed this blog, see you all soon!

Much love,

Kennedy xo

Cheap, fast, yummy smoothies


I hate snacking, especially when I am trying to get my body ‘summer ready’- I am known for snacking on crisps in-between meals and drinking sugary fizzy drinks. Since changing my gym routine- which contains a high-volume of cardio and muscle toning, I have decided to cut out fatty carbs and make a healthier alternative…

Don’t give me wrong, I do love the occasional fizzy drink with my evening meal but it doesn’t do your body any good- not forgetting causes bloating! For about five weeks, I have avoided fizzy drinks from my weekly shop and filled my shopping cart with fruit, yoghurt, milk (lactose free/soya alternative, of course), green tea and honey- to make some gummy smoothies and herbal drinks.

In todays blog, I will be sharing one of my favourite smoothie recipes.

To make a yummy Banana and Strawberry milkshake, all you need is: 

1 Bullet Smoothie Maker– can be purchased at any supermarket or nutrition store. My mum bought me my smoothie maker from Sainsbury’s and I love it! Its reasonably cheap and super light so can be easily packed away.

200g of chopped strawberries– fresh is better (but can use frozen berries as an alternative but make sure they’re fully defrosted before you use them).

1 medium banana– chopped

4-5 tbs of plain yogurt– as I am lactose intolerant, I use Alpro plain yoghurt (to make this recipe vegan, use soya/almond milk)

300ml of semi-skimmed milk- use soya/almond milk if you’re vegan or to add more flavour

3 tbs of clear honey– a natural sweetener, but is as yummy without


  1. Chop the banana into medium-sized chunks and place into the plastic bottle container
  2. Wash the fresh strawberries/berries under a tap, then chop into the small chunks and place them in the container
  3. Add the honey
  4. Measure out 300ml of milk into a measuring jug and pour over the chopped fruit
  5. Add the yoghurt
  6. Attach the blender blade to the top of the plastic bottle and slot the bottle on the maker
  7. Blend the mixture for around 10-15 seconds or until all the fruit has been completely blended
  8. Remove the bottle from the blender and pour the smoothie into a glass

I like to have a small glass of smoothie with breakfast and then refrigerate the rest and drink the rest after my workout or drink instead of snacking.



  • Large proportions of dairy/lactose can cause bloating- I would not advice making these smoothies daily but make them as a healthier alternative to a fizzy drink or coffee.
  • I am not a health or lifestyle guru- this recipe is just a recipe that I love and have been using for months and I wanted to share with you guys.

Other alternatives?

  • Green tea- Instead of having your morning tea/coffee, replace it with a green/herbal tea. Green tea helps detox the body which can reduce spots, clear the skin, increase metabolism and help digestion.
  • Fruit juice- Squeezed fruit juice contains a lot of vitamins which can help with musclar growth and give you energy. A better alternative to caffinefound in coffe and tea.
  • Water- Nothing is cleaner but water. Swap your energy drink for a bottle of water- more refreshing and healither.


Hope you enjoyed the blog, I hope to be posting more about healthy eating on the run up to the spring/summer season!

Much love,

Kennedy xo



The Greatest Showman Review


Good afternoon my lovelies, in todays blog I will be reviewing the latest Musical film that has taken the box office by storm…

The Greatest Showman– directed by Michael Gracey is an musical adaptation of the story of P.T. Barnum’s creation of the Barnum & Bailey Circus. Starring Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, Rebecca Ferguson and Zendaya- this New Year film has exceeded expectations across the globe.

After its release in the US on 20th December 2017, box office has already grossed over $163.3 million worldwide. Due to its positive reviews and critic. The film received multiple nominations at the 75th Golden Globe Awards: for Best Motion Picture-Musical or Comedy, Best Actor- Musical or Comedy and Best Original Song (This is Me), which won the latter.


I was extremly excited to see this movie, as you’ll know I am obsessed with musicals- after downloading the soundtrack back in the summer, I was buzzing to go and see the new musical in the New Year.

The storyline is beautifully crafted- with loveable characters and a moving soundtrack, this film will pull on those heart strings.

The cast were incredible- Jackman drove the storyline with his angelic voice and great mannerism, whereas Zac Efron, reminded us 90s babies on how much of a loveable heartthrob he is. However, the talents of Michelle Williams, Rebecca Ferguson and Zendaya cannot be unnoticed; their solos are beautiful.

The soundtrack is amazing- songs that will move you and make you fall in love with the film and its characters even more.



If you decide to watch the Greatest Showman, be prepared for laugher, tears and smiles!

I would definitely recommend!



Much love,

Kennedy xo

Desert Dusk Palette Review


Happy Belated Christmas!

In todays post, I am going to be reviewing my new favourite eyeshadow palette from Huda Beauty. After receiving it from my parents on Christmas Day, I was excited to try out the Desert Dusk palette from Huda Beauty.

I do have a slight obsession with eyeshadow palettes, 90% of my makeup bag are eyeshadows! I got to be honest, I haven’t used Huda Beauty before. I was always sceptical about their extravagant price tags and the fact that Huda Beauty is only available in Selfridges.


This palette contains a range of bright and warm colours with a combination of shimmery glitter colours- making it perfect for NYE!

For todays look, I have decided to go for a smokey warm, nocturnal look, that could be worn throughout the day.

I used the shade ‘Eden’,  a peachy matte as my lid colour then used a fluffy blending brush from Real Techniques and added depth to my lid with the warm orange shade, ‘Blazing’. After, I added some definition to my eye, I used a cream concealer and created a cut-crease on my eye lid.

Shade ‘Eden’ on the Real Techniques blending brush

After I set my cut-crease with a translucent powder, I used the champagne glittery shade ‘Nefertiti’ as my crease shade. To darken the crease, I used the burnt brown/red shade, ‘Saffron’ to add some definition and dimension to my eye.  To soften the colours, I then used another blending brush to soften the blending lines.

After I applied my face makeup with my beauty blenders from Real Techniques, I applied the warm orange shade- ‘Blazing’ to my waterline to help make my eyes POP! To finish my overall look, I simply curled my lashes and applied some mascara.

Final look

Overall thoughts…

  • I am obsessed!- I love warm, dark colours as I love experimenting with different colours ti create different smokey looks. The range of glittery shades, allow you to create beautiful creases which is my favourite eye-look to create!
  • Pricy- Yes, it may be retailed at £56 (you heard me! £56!), but you are receiving a palette with very versatile shades which can be used for any occasion. The nude and softer pink shades are perfect for the summer and the warmer, burnt shades are perfect for winter parties!
  • Fall out- There is a lot of fall out…but its because the formula is rather soft and powdery.
  • Pigmented- The matte shades are extremely pigmented and the more sheer, glittery shades are perfect to build up on.
  • Dupes?- If you don’t want to splash out on £56 on a palette, then you could use many drugstore dupes. Revolution makeup in particular have a range of shimmery and warmer palettes that would work as well, for the fraction of the price!

I hope you enjoyed todays blog, I will be reviewing other eyeshadow palettes I gratefully received at Christmas- stay tuned!

Hope you enjoy the remain of your Christmas break!


Kennedy xo

What Uni Has Taught Me


Hey everybody, I apologise that I have been so inactive recently! I’ve been super busy with University work and private commitments. But, I am back–

In todays blog, I will be discussing about my personal experiences at University. I am in my first semester in my second year at the University of Portsmouth- currently studying American Studies.

Before I went to University, I had no idea what to expect. None of my parents or siblings before me went to University, so I was rather nervous moving 150 miles away from home. But, now as I am in my second year- I wouldn’t change this life for the world! Although, I have a sense of ‘freedom’, I do miss living with my family.

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Building a modelling portfolio- without needing to pay


Since studying at University, my interest for the modelling world has developed; I have become intrigued by how photographers capture each precise moment with their camera and make every model beautiful. In todays’ blog, I will be describing how I’ve managed to start my modelling portfolio, without costing a penny!

The cost of hiring a photographer is ridiculous, over the course of the year, I have been approached by many professional photographers offering to work with me… if I paid for their time. As a student, I don’t have the time or money to give, therefore, I needed to find an alternative. Becoming a professional model, is one of the aspirations of mine but it is not my ultimate life goal. Creating a personal portfolio will allow me to build my confidence working with a camera, but ultimately allows me to meet new people with similar interests to me. I am no professional model, so learning how to present yourself infront of a camera is still a learning curb for me.

After shooting with my photography friend Reece Edwards yesterday; I can share some top tips, if you’re also thinking of creating a portfolio:

Keep it natural: 

Its not all about looking glam, most photographers prefer their models with a natural looking face. For my base, I used my medium coverage FitMe foundation, Rimmel London Pressed Powder, then gave my face a little warmth and definition with Lottie London Tan Bronzing Powder and then used Revolution Makeup Strobe Highlighter to finish the look. For brows, I used MUA brow prommade to give my brows a natural fuller look. For eyes, I used NYX baked brown eyeshadow and Loreal Paris Paradise mascara, then used a eyelash curler to give lashes a bit of length and volume.  I finished my makeup look with my Nip&Fab liquid lipstick in the shade Lemonade, this matte mauve nude is perfect for a natural look as it adds a bit of colour to the lips and isn’t too obvious, which is what is wanted.

Back to Basics: 

The theme of my shoot was Portrait Photography, this means that the photographer would be capturing full-length and close-ups of me. After discussing the theme with the photographer, we decided I should dress rather basic, as we were planning shoot in the woods and infront of a loud, vibrant graffiti wall.

I learnt that the surroundings would be bright and colourful and I didn’t want my clothes to wash out the effect, so I opted to wear a basic white top, black jeans and a simple blue denim jacket. I decided to wear a jacket, as I thought I can use the jacket for different looks which would make the shoot more fun and less static.

Some shoots will require you to dress more glamorous, but it all depends on the nature of the shoot. Most photographers will tell you what look they’re after and will give you advice on how to style yourself. If you’re planning to make your own portfolio, I would recommend wearing figure-hugging-hugging but comfy clothes- you need to look confident and wearing an outfit that shows off your best assets, but also makes you feel relaxed is essential. But, always check with your photographer first.

Be Confident:

The most important thing is confidence. You need to stand and look confident, don’t be afraid to come out of your comfort zone. Professional photographers will reassure you and give you guidance on how to stand and look, if you’re unsure. Also, don’t be afraid to speak up…if you don’t feel comfortable doing a particular shoot, tell your photographer!

Enjoy It:

Enjoy it, don’t worry about how the pictures will plan out- a good photographer will allow you to see the images before they’re published. Make the shoot fun, have a giggle, don’t worry about what others may think.

I hope this blog is helpful for anyone who is planning to create a portfolio, I am planning to shoot again very soon and will be writing another blog on that experience.

Happy Sunday,


Kennedy xo

Stephen Kings’ ‘It’ Review


“You’ll float too…”

Its been years since I’ve walked out of the cinema and felt the adrenaline pumping; It is great interpretation of the Stephen King’s malleolus twisted  novel, its outrageously dark in some elements but quiet entertaining in others.

Stephen King’s It has made film history, as it has logged the biggest opening day ever for a horror film in the UK, Brazil, Russia, Holland, Australia and all across Eastern Europe. In Spain, the grosses for the movie were more than double of The Conjuring and Annabelle, meaning it has logged the biggest opening day for Warner Bros. this year. Continue reading “Stephen Kings’ ‘It’ Review”

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