Cheap Day Trips: Westbrook Bay Beach


As I am currently on my summer break- I’ve decided to do a series on cheap days out. To encourage you lovely lot to get outside to enjoy and of course, not burn a hole in your pocket…

Trying to organise a day out with my teenage siblings is always a stab in the dark; we don’t usually agree until the very last minute or at least one of them decides to throw a tantrum. So, as a skint pale and bored student, I suggested to go to Westbrook Bay beach and thankfully my teenage brothers agreed.

Sun, sand and free parking- what more can you ask for?

After packing three lots of lunches into a cooler bag and slopping on factor 50 we’d set off…

Travelling by car:

Westbrook Bay is an hours drive from my house- so, in terms of travelling cost it only cost me £10 to put petrol in the car. If you’re travelling from Kent, follow the M2 and follow the signs to Margate; then follow “Westbrook bay”. 

This was my first time travelling to the beach therefore, I used my SatNav to navigate me, I used the address for Westbrook Bay House as this hotel is surrounded by free parking and right by the beach entrance. Although, Margate is only a walk away; Westbrook is a cheaper and safer option as it is less crowded, easy access to toilets and cafes and there is free parking!

Westbrook Bay, Margate 

The surroundings are beautiful- the sand is soft and the sea isn’t too rough. However, I would advise taking a beach chair to use when eating, as the sand can easily be carried in the wind (who would want sandy sandwiches? Yuck!) The beach is ideal for the entire family as Margate is only a short walk away and there is a quaint little restaurant on the cliffs by the bay.

In Margate, there is access to amusements, cafes, museums, galleries and pubs- if the weather changes drastically there are plenty of alternative activities to do instead. With ice-cream and fish& chip kiosks on every corner, you’ll be sure to get into the seaside spirit.

This trip to the beach was an success as I managed to save money and even get a little tan. If you’d like to see more on different beaches around the UK, leave a little comment.

More cheap days out are to come!

Much love,

Kennedy xo


The Bloggers Ball


In todays blog, I decided to write about my experience at the Bloggers Ball which commenced yesterday. Organised by the beautiful Scarlett London, the Bloggers Ball is an annual event to allow bloggers to come together and celebrate the beauty of blogging, reach out to new ideas and even grab some inspiration for future blogs.

A brief overview…

I was invited by my close friend (also a blogger) Sophia, who luckily won tickets to the ball. After weeks of preparation, Sophia and I travelled from Kent to the Trading Building in London. We were buzzing with excitement and was warmly welcomed with a glass of champagne on arrival (which was very nice). Hundreds of bloggers arrived- from all different walks of life.

The Trading House, London

During the event, we were given the chance to test out new indie brands and mingle with other bloggers. It was refreshing to meet male beauty bloggers as the beauty industry is so diverse, we need men demonstrating the versatility of cosmetics to encourage a modern image to beauty and cosmetic products.

Above, are a few of products I was invited to try out…

(LEFT) MOX London– is a bath elixir/skin care company, who specialises making sweet and magical bath elixirs for all skin types.

(TOP RIGHT)- Lola’s Apothecary– a natural beauty and wellness company for deep healing and radiance. With products created in Devon and fragrances inspired by natural scents, this indie beauty brand is an example of a original and traditional English brand.

(BOTTOM RIGHT)- Johnny Loves Rosie– a premium fashion and jewellery company which creates beautiful bags and accessories too.

A few glasses of bubbly later, the event came to  close and us bloggers were given a bag full of goodies (which I  will cover later..). Being reasonably new to the blogging industry, and given this chance to meet new people who share the same passions as me, was incredible.

Here is a sneak peak to some of the goodies I received….


The bag contained loads of little testers; teeth whitening kits, nutrition bars, low-carrie snacks, a cocktail mixer, shortbreads, hair products and much more…

In future blogs, I will test some of these treats as I am always looking for new nutrition snacks to try.


I will try these chippea crisp puffs as I am a fan of vegetable crisps as they are perfect for late-night snacking and very low in calories and as a gym fanatic, having a balanced but nutritional diet is vital.


Another treasure I received was two miniature OGX coconut milk shampoo and conditioner. This product is so nourishing and is perfect to treat  dry/dull hair. I will take these essentials on holiday as they will keep my hair looking fresh- plus they are travel size!


Another free sample I got was Janina Whitening Toothpaste Spray, I have never used teeth whitening before. However, after receiving this I will trying it out! (future blog to come)


Another great foodie treat I received were these coconut truffles from Good4U; these sweet nutritional treats are ideal to be eaten on the go or after a workout, to give you that extra boost. I will try these snacks after my next workout and let you guys know on how I got on!


Another gym essential snack that I will trying out will be these from Chirps; these high protein crisp snacks are made from free-range egg whites and contains low saturated fats- perfect for a light healthier snack.


Other treats: White Glo teeth whitening system, Cliff Bar blueberry snack, Lipivir lip care.

(Let me know, if you would like to see me blog about nutritional snacks as I am excited to try out all these brands!)

Sophia and I


I want to thank Scarlett London for an amazing event and opportunity and Sophia for the invitation.

Much love,

Kennedy xo

Working as a VIP girl…


I’ve decided to write about something different this week; those who may follow my instagram account (its_kennedyjay) would know my part time job is working as a VIP hostess at a club. Since, working for the Astoria nightclub in Portsmouth, Hampshire, from September, many have questioned me what my role as a Dirty Disco dancer involves.

Dirty Disco is a cheap student night which runs every Tuesday. The name “Dirty Disco” originally waused to echo the 90s disco dance tunes played by the DJs. In the last couple of years, the Astoria has incorporated VIP outfits for all the VIP hosts and hostesses.


I am writing this blog, simply to show you an insight to my part time job and the reasons why I love working inside a club.

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Aurora’s Angels is an online clothing brand based in the UK; with the slogan “dare to be fearless”, this company offers a range of clothing to compliment any figure and size.

Since April, I have been an Aurora’s Angels brands ambassador, my role includes representing this growing brand and their unique and glamorous products. My instagram page (Its_kennedyjay), is the most important element to my role as I am to capture the latest products brought out and encourage thousands to join the Angel’s family…

As many of you may be wondering, being a brands ambassador does has its perks. I am involved in the development of the company and first to see the new products brought to the website and of course, given the opportunity to have some of the clothing.

The support and compassion I receive from this brand makes me proud to be an Angel!

To help you lovelies prepare for the summer, I’m showing a small preview of some of the collection of the products that I’ve worn and loved!


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‘The Cure For Wellness’ Review


A ‘bit unpleasant’ is the phrase I’d use to describe the newest Blink Wink Production psychological thriller.

Starring Dane DeHaan, Jason Isaacs and Mia Goth, this latest thriller depicts the characteristics of your typical nail-biting suspense movie. The film begins, when the high-spirited young executive (DeHaan) is given the chore to retrieve the company’s CEO- Rolan Pembroke from the ‘wellness centre’ in a remote rural village in the Swiss Alps. There, he learns that Pembroke and the other patients are retrieving ‘the cure’, Lockhart (DeHaan) is left baffled with the type of treatments that are in place in the institute and becomes more suspicious. On the mission to retrieve Pembroke back to New York, he stumbles into conversations with fellow patient Victoria Watkins (Celia Imrie), in the centre’s garden; Lockhart learns that the spa was built on top of the ruins of castle that was owned by a barren which was burnt to the ground 200 years ago. The castle was said to be burnt due to a rebellion of peasants against the baron as he began to perform hellish ceremonies on victims to try to make his lover- his sister, fertile.

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‘Untraditional Disney’


Frozen was introduced to the cinemas in 2013- inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytale the Snow Queen, the motion picture brought a refreshing image to the traditional Disney princess. Introducing a controversial approach to a tale about princesses  it illustrates the importance of family, and not finding your future husband. The concept of having a Disney film which identifies the importance of having a beloved family is reassuring. Being a Disney fan from a young age, our minds are forced to think that we will find our eternal happiness when we least expect it. However, the impression of finding your ‘true love’ in the forest whilst singing to forest creatures seemed rather unlikely, therefore, the release of Frozen demonstrated the strength of women and individuality.

Despite Frozen, not following the traditional laws of the typical fairytale it did have some iconic elements: Let it Go, the most catchy Disney song of the century, showed Disney’s musical DNA through its repetitive chorus and performed by a musical legend- Idina Menzel. After the release of Frozen, I was curious on whether Disney would release another ‘untraditional’ tale…

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