‘The Cure For Wellness’ Review


A ‘bit unpleasant’ is the phrase I’d use to describe the newest Blink Wink Production psychological thriller.

Starring Dane DeHaan, Jason Isaacs and Mia Goth, this latest thriller depicts the characteristics of your typical nail-biting suspense movie. The film begins, when the high-spirited young executive (DeHaan) is given the chore to retrieve the company’s CEO- Rolan Pembroke from the ‘wellness centre’ in a remote rural village in the Swiss Alps. There, he learns that Pembroke and the other patients are retrieving ‘the cure’, Lockhart (DeHaan) is left baffled with the type of treatments that are in place in the institute and becomes more suspicious. On the mission to retrieve Pembroke back to New York, he stumbles into conversations with fellow patient Victoria Watkins (Celia Imrie), in the centre’s garden; Lockhart learns that the spa was built on top of the ruins of castle that was owned by a barren which was burnt to the ground 200 years ago. The castle was said to be burnt due to a rebellion of peasants against the baron as he began to perform hellish ceremonies on victims to try to make his lover- his sister, fertile.

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‘Untraditional Disney’


Frozen was introduced to the cinemas in 2013- inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytale the Snow Queen, the motion picture brought a refreshing image to the traditional Disney princess. Introducing a controversial approach to a tale about princesses  it illustrates the importance of family, and not finding your future husband. The concept of having a Disney film which identifies the importance of having a beloved family is reassuring. Being a Disney fan from a young age, our minds are forced to think that we will find our eternal happiness when we least expect it. However, the impression of finding your ‘true love’ in the forest whilst singing to forest creatures seemed rather unlikely, therefore, the release of Frozen demonstrated the strength of women and individuality.

Despite Frozen, not following the traditional laws of the typical fairytale it did have some iconic elements: Let it Go, the most catchy Disney song of the century, showed Disney’s musical DNA through its repetitive chorus and performed by a musical legend- Idina Menzel. After the release of Frozen, I was curious on whether Disney would release another ‘untraditional’ tale…

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