The Play That Goes Wrong


In todays blog, I’ve decided to channel my inner-theatre freak and talk about the topic which is close to my heart- theatre! To those who know me personally, would know that I adore anything with jazz hands, musical numbers and outrageous costumes!

Tonight, I saw Henry Lewis’s comedy drama production- The Play that Goes Wrong, at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury. After watching the play preview the Royal Variety Performance back in 2015, I was eager to watch the show. I was firstly drawn to the impression that the production consisted of a small cast who all participated to the running of the play in some way and also was based on the concept that the show doesn’t actually run smoothly….

This British production first made its debut at the Old Red Lion Theatre in London back in 2012. After entertaining the people of London with its hilarious plot, it began to tour around the UK in 2016. It is rumoured that the production will be showing in Australia in 2018, due to its great success in Broadway.



The Play that Goes Wrong, does everything what it says on the tin. Everything that can go wrong, does go wrong for this play; its players and particularly its wobbly, fragile set. But the more it does, the funnier it becomes. It’s divinely daft, gloriously preposterous and utterly silly, but genius!

The actors and the set are beautifully crafted and all hold different characteristics that influence the plot. With set falling at every hurdle and the main leads being ‘beaten’ up, you cannot fail to admire the ceaseless energy of the cast and the detailed comedy performance they deliver. I particularly loved the pre-show sketches during the interval- characters Trevor and Annie engage with the audience by hopelessly trying to mend the ‘broken’ set. On another note, the audience participation is fantastic as it allows us as the viewers to feel more involved and to an extend, empathise with the actors facing yet another disaster.

Although, I adore musicals and  ballets, I would recommend this production to all; it is perfect to take the entire family and is sure to get you all in stitches!


I apologise for not blogging for a few weeks, been recovering from a car accident!

I will see you in next weeks blog,

Much love,

Kennedy xo



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