Must-have beach essentials! (ALL under £10)


The summer is here; as temperatures in South-East England are rocketing to the high twenties, your wardrobe is in need to a makeover!

I have brought together a few of my new additions to my wardrobe- all items are from the hughstreet store Primark and ALL UNDER £10! I don’t usually shop in Primark but I came across these gems and as my holiday to Rome is fast approaching, I just couldn’t resist…

Here are some of my favourites:

RRP: 90p


These navy flip-flops are a MUST-HAVE, they are comfy and perfect to wear on the beach or to slip on by the pool. The rubber strap is soft and flimsy, therefore, I can wear these for the entire day and not worry about blisters. I just bought these, as I wore out my old pair which survived the summer of last year! These are perfect to wear at the airport as you can easily slip them off during security and are super light to carry on the plane.

Oh, can I remind you these babies are only 90p! Primark sell a range of colours and patterns to suit all ages, but these plain navy flip-flops look adorable with shorts and a swimming suit. I would recommend these as they are as good as my more expensive flip-flops and they don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Next, I found some cute denim shorts, as a curvy size 10 its extremely difficult to find shorts that compliment my shape and don’t cling onto my thighs when I sit down…

These distressed festival high-waisted denim shorts are perfect for the festival season as the sequined patches and acid-wash finish give you a bohemian Coachella look. I love these shorts as they are comfy and they complement my figure perfectly, I wore these at the Mutiny festival back in May and they looked great under a bralet.

Priced up as only £10- these are worth every penny as you can easily dress these down with a top and sandals and even dress these up with heeled shoes and jewellery!

Top RRP: £4, Bottoms RRP: £3 

If you love mermaids, then this bikini is just for you! I purchased this bikini last summer and was drawn to the tie-dye patterns and frilly detailing. This bikini is beautiful and perfect to wear by the pool; the string sides are perfect as you can easily adjust them to fir your body. The frilly ripples on the top really echoes a mermaid look and could even be worn as a bralet top at a festival!

Top RRP: £4, Bottoms RRP:£3 

This nude string bikini is another gem for your summer wardrobe; the cute beads on the strings echo a boho look. If you’re skint and in need of cheap swim suits for your summer break then this is perfect. The bikini top is padded which is very flattering and it gies you that extra support which is another reason why I feel confident in this swim suit. The bottoms can be easly adjusted to fit your shape. Not bad for £7…

My last summer favourite is this watermelon patterned backless swimming costume- priced up as £4, this swimsuit is another MUST HAVE. The fitted material will definitely fluctuate your curves and turn some heads at the pool! The vibrant fruity pattern and the backless shape desguises the fact its under £5 and is as good as more pricy brands!

I am in love with this swimsuit as its very flattering and the backless shape is perfect to get that summer tan (without worry about those annoying tan-lines). I am so excited to wear this on my holiday; the silky material is comfy, so this can even be worn as a bodysuit over a pair of shorts. Primark has a range of patterns in this style- I will be definitely be purchasing another swimsuit in the future!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog and take some inspiraton for your summer wardrobe,

Much love,

Kennedy xo


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