Cheap Day Trips: Westbrook Bay Beach


As I am currently on my summer break- I’ve decided to do a series on cheap days out. To encourage you lovely lot to get outside to enjoy and of course, not burn a hole in your pocket…

Trying to organise a day out with my teenage siblings is always a stab in the dark; we don’t usually agree until the very last minute or at least one of them decides to throw a tantrum. So, as a skint pale and bored student, I suggested to go to Westbrook Bay beach and thankfully my teenage brothers agreed.

Sun, sand and free parking- what more can you ask for?

After packing three lots of lunches into a cooler bag and slopping on factor 50 we’d set off…

Travelling by car:

Westbrook Bay is an hours drive from my house- so, in terms of travelling cost it only cost me £10 to put petrol in the car. If you’re travelling from Kent, follow the M2 and follow the signs to Margate; then follow “Westbrook bay”. 

This was my first time travelling to the beach therefore, I used my SatNav to navigate me, I used the address for Westbrook Bay House as this hotel is surrounded by free parking and right by the beach entrance. Although, Margate is only a walk away; Westbrook is a cheaper and safer option as it is less crowded, easy access to toilets and cafes and there is free parking!

Westbrook Bay, Margate 

The surroundings are beautiful- the sand is soft and the sea isn’t too rough. However, I would advise taking a beach chair to use when eating, as the sand can easily be carried in the wind (who would want sandy sandwiches? Yuck!) The beach is ideal for the entire family as Margate is only a short walk away and there is a quaint little restaurant on the cliffs by the bay.

In Margate, there is access to amusements, cafes, museums, galleries and pubs- if the weather changes drastically there are plenty of alternative activities to do instead. With ice-cream and fish& chip kiosks on every corner, you’ll be sure to get into the seaside spirit.

This trip to the beach was an success as I managed to save money and even get a little tan. If you’d like to see more on different beaches around the UK, leave a little comment.

More cheap days out are to come!

Much love,

Kennedy xo


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