Working as a VIP girl…


I’ve decided to write about something different this week; those who may follow my instagram account (its_kennedyjay) would know my part time job is working as a VIP hostess at a club. Since, working for the Astoria nightclub in Portsmouth, Hampshire, from September, many have questioned me what my role as a Dirty Disco dancer involves.

Dirty Disco is a cheap student night which runs every Tuesday. The name “Dirty Disco” originally waused to echo the 90s disco dance tunes played by the DJs. In the last couple of years, the Astoria has incorporated VIP outfits for all the VIP hosts and hostesses.


I am writing this blog, simply to show you an insight to my part time job and the reasons why I love working inside a club.

From our previous infamous faux leather bodysuit outfits; the new ‘sporty’ attire refreshed the image of Dirty Disco in the New Year. The cute black sport shorts and over-knee baseball white socks made the image of DD girls (Dirty Disco) more fun, rather than looking ‘sexy’. As our role involves preparing alcohol behind the bar and socialising with customers- the shorts and the crop halter neck was a sensible choice. As us girls feel a lot more confident and comfortable, rather than wearing a skimpy leotard…

What is you role?

I work as a VIP hostess so on Dirty Disco Tuesdays I work in the VIP area and serve drinks to all the VIP customers. I have to ensure that every customer is having a good time.

What made you want to work as a VIP hostess?

As a brands ambassador, my goal was to spread the message of body confidence and self-belief. Although, I get criticism for working at a club and wearing these outfits- this doesn’t effect my attitude to promote self confidence. I believe self confidence is crucial element in the young community; from my personal experience, feeling unhappy about your figure effects your aspirations.

Why do you enjoy working as a VIP hostess?

I love the company I work for and I enjoy working in a buzzy, up-beat environment. I’ve made so many close friends and working with such loyal and funny people makes my experience a lot more enjoyable. Also, I like meeting new people on every shift.

What do you do if you receive criticism?

I respect it, everyone is entitled to their opinion and their comments shouldn’t effect how I feel towards my job.

Would you change the outfits?

I wouldn’t as these outfits are fun and they really empathise the bubbly energy of the night.


On that note, I draw this blog to a close…

I love my job and wouldn’t change a thing about it!







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